My Favorite Teams and Players In Various Sports

Here are the highlights:

Dallas Cowboys: Official Site

When I was a kid and started watching foorball, the Cowboys were an excellent team with Staubach, Dorsett, the Pearson, etc (but losing toe Steelers in SuperBowl). I was enamored with the colors, the hype and the Cheerleaders! It was also more fun to root against Dad's Giants

NY Mets:Official Site

Born in Flushing, I stick with this local team. Skipped class to catch the TickerTape Parade in '86

Rutgers Scarlet Knights:Official Site

My Alma Matter - not quite good enough but usually very excititng and a chance to beat almost anyone on any given day. I did use 1 year of my college eligibility steering a shell my Freshman year

USA Soccer:Official Site

Up to the #6 spot in the FIFA world rankings - I think thats artifically high, but nonetheless, its nice to see we're getting some respect

Republic of Ireland Soccer:Official Site

Without Roy we couldn't make it to Germany

Liverpool FC:Official Site

I'll get there one day

Lance Armstrong:Official Site